Foundational skills

The foundational skillsets required for the Teal O/S to be functional fall into 3 categories: 

  • Self – Knowledge

  • Psychological Safety (Generous Listening & Equal Talking Time)

  • Polarity Management

 Articles, presentations and documentation that support the above learning: 

Generous Listening – This is a training session offered to new hires and sporadically through the organization as there is interest. If you’d like to book a session for a group, contact Kate Masson. 

Equal Talking Time (ETT) – A training that teaches the various tools used throughout the organization to ensure that all get a chance to participate in meetings and decision making processes. Similar to Generous Listening, this training is offered at different times and if you’d like to book a session, contact Luz Iglesias. 


Various tools are used within different CCTs to build common language around self awareness. The Enneagram, the EQI, the Pro.file Performance System – these are just some of the ones currently in use around the company. Contact Kate Masson to learn more about how to connect with these tools and access training for yourself or your team.