Feedback Practice 

Stewards: James Bloemendal and Luz Iglesias

HOT Feedback: At IMG/Fitzii we believe that feedback helps us grow faster, build trust, and creates a place where we can all find meaningful work. (Hot = timely) 

Goal of giving Feedback: Give specific, non-judgemental feedback using SBI 

1 – Notice your reaction 

2 – Decide to address it or let it rest 

3 – Connect & ask to give feedback 

(from best to worst):   i) In Person  ii) Video Call  iii) Phone 

Giving feedback using the SBI model 

Situation – Name the specific time and place the event happened 

Behaviour – Name the words or actions the other person used 

Impact – Name how this made you feel, impacted you, or affected the business 

Receiving Feedback 

Goal: Make it psychologically safe for the person giving feedback using #TIR. 

Thanks – Encourage & thank the giver for the gift of feedback 

Inquire – Repeat back the feedback & ask the giver questions to deeply understand your impact 

Record – Record the feedback publicly to show the giver you heard them & increase psychological safety

How to record SBI: 

1 – Go to the high five feed in 15five 

2 – Tag the giver of the feedback 

3 – Add the hashtag #TIR 

4 – Write as much detail as you’re comfortable sharing 

5 – Keep it set to “public” so we can all celebrate and add to our learning as an organization