Consent Process 

Step One:
Notice Problem or Opportunity

Ask: Is this worth persuing?  

Yes – Proceed to Assess Impact  

Not Sure – Proceed to #Inkling 

No – Let It Rest 

Step Two:
Post an #Inkling

Post for advice on whether or not to persue. Do advisors believe there is merit in persuing it? 

Yes – Proceed to Assess Impact 

No – Let It Rest 

Step Three:
Assess Impact  

Does this affect Work/Behaviour of other people?

Yes – It’s a Consent Process

Not Much – It’s an Advice Process

Step Four:
Consent Process 

Prepare a proposal for group consent Ex. team practices, big system changes 

  1. Appoint Steward(s) 
  2. State Your Bias 
  3. Discovery 
  4. Proposal Design 
  5. Ratify (ex. Generative Decision Making) 
  6. Implement