Contribution Review

Contribution review Stewards: Tim Masson, Luz Iglesias and Loree Bennett On January 1, 2019, all managers at Ian Martin exchanged their “Positional Authority” for the Authority granted via the Teal OS to everyone equally across the company. Because of this shift, everyone in the company now has the Authority to take on any Problem/Opportunity and […]

Sponsorship Guide

Sponsorship Guide Steward: Cassandra Sturk  Click here to download a PDF version of this document. What is a sponsor? Essentially, it is a coach and guide for new Ian Martin Group hires. The Sponsor is accountable for the Sponsee during the first 3 months of their employment. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility and primary goal […]

Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures Credit where credit is due! All material comes from this site: and was created by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless.  Liberating Structures are a meeting design tool used at Ian Martin to build and create conversations and discussions that provoke original thought and meaningful dialogue. There are 33 tools in the suite and as an example, one of the more commonly used tools at IMG is listed below.  Visit the […]

Teaming Practice

Teaming Practice Stewards: John Breininger and Edwin Jansen The Teaming Practice offers support for self organizing teams. Some teams have recently been using the P2P Liberating Structure instead of the Teaming Practice. Both achieve the same general purpose – offering a structured approach to norming team practices. Setup The first step of the teaming practice is work […]

The History of Teal OS at Ian Martin

The History of Teal OS at Ian Martin *This document was originally created as a part of an application for the NextGen Enterprise Awards in the winter of 2020. (We won an award!)*  The Ian Martin Group is a 60+ year old, 3rd generation family-owned staffing company, with 450 employees in Canada, the US, and […]

Six Hats

The Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono developed the Six Thinking Hats as simple and effective way to facilitate more productive meetings by utilizing different perspectives. The Six Hats method is a simple technique based on the brain’s different modes of thinking. The intelligence, experience and information of everyone is harnessed to reach the right conclusions quickly. […]

Foundational Skills

Foundational skills The foundational skillsets required for the Teal O/S to be functional fall into 3 categories:  Self – Knowledge Psychological Safety (Generous Listening & Equal Talking Time) Polarity Management  Articles, presentations and documentation that support the above learning:  Generous Listening – This is a training session offered to new hires and sporadically through the organization as there is interest. If […]