Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor List These people have expressed interest in peer mentoring Work Adjustment Advice Processes and Role Advice Processes and in most cases have also had peer mentor training. You can also select from outside this list. Abhishek Sahay Ayesha Khan Carla Tancredi Carolyn Benslimane Christine Salt Dianne Colling Edwin Jansen Emily Schmidt Gillian Levi […]

Compensation Advice Process

Compensation Advice Process Stewards: Luz Iglesias & Courtney Gakman Welcome to Ian Martin Group’s Compensation Advice Process, our own Teal compensation practice, developed and tested by your own co-workers. It is the default in North America to do a Compensation Advice Process (CAP) every three years. Annual salary reviews are the default in India. A […]

Contribution Review

Contribution review Stewards: Tim Masson, Luz Iglesias and Loree Bennett On January 1, 2019, all managers at Ian Martin exchanged their “Positional Authority” for the Authority granted via the Teal OS to everyone equally across the company. Because of this shift, everyone in the company now has the Authority to take on any Problem/Opportunity and […]

Language of Spaces

Language of Spaces Steward: Haroon Alvi Language of Spaces is a methodology used by individuals or teams to process tensions (or get unstuck) in a self-organized environment. It is a facilitated exercise to begin with, but turns into a mindset once you have learnt it. Let us start by defining the spaces that we’re talking […]

Sponsorship Guide

Sponsorship Guide Steward: Cassandra Sturk  Click here to download a PDF version of this document. What is a sponsor? Essentially, it is a coach and guide for new Ian Martin Group hires. The Sponsor is accountable for the Sponsee during the first 3 months of their employment. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility and primary goal […]