The Teal O/S: How We Operate

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How to seek alignment of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the business needs.

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Have healthy dialogue with colleagues using the Situation, Behaviour & Impact framework.

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When conflict happens we seek resolution using these approaches.

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Prepare a proposal for group consent – E.g., team practices, big system changes

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Gather advice for your decision – E.g., buy computer, choose a vendor

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I choose not to pursue or complain about this because I believe it’s not important at this time.
If that changes, I will bring it up again.

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What to do when someone is not making a Net-positive Contribution to the organization.

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Foundational Skills 

Self-Knowledge (Biases, Personality Traits, etc); Psychological Safety (Generous Listening & Equal Talking Time); Polarity Management; Working Out Loud